Elliot is a critical care/flight certified paramedic whose passion for EMS has been growing since he first began volunteering in 2011. Elliot works for a private ambulance company and teaches EMT-Basic and EMT-Advanced classes in southern New Hampshire.

Last year, Elliot testified before the House Commerce Committee in opposition to HB628, a bill which proposed the creation of a statewide payroll/income tax. In addition to his 7 minute testimony, Elliot wrote and published numerous articles in opposition to the proposed program, reaching over 50,000 readers online. The bill passed the House and was stopped in the Senate.

His fiancee Kate is also a paramedic who  met Elliot when she began to work at his company in 2015. Kate enjoys traveling with Elliot, friends, family, and alone. She loves reading, drinking (and dreaming about brewing) beer, meeting people, and learning new things. She is also studying networking.  Kate and Elliot will be married in May of this year. 

Outside of medicine, Elliot enjoys learning and challenging himself with any and every endeavor he could imagine. His hard work, focus, and determination earned him a spot in his high school's history as one of the smallest players to ever start on offense and defense. Elliot trained in mixed martial arts for 7 years and is now an amateur boxer. 

Elliot trained in martial arts tricking, free running/parkour, and freestyle gymnastics. Elliot has played and enjoys playing nearly every sport in existence, from basketball to rollerblading to volleyball. He doesn't hunt or fish, but still hopes to learn!

As a power-lifter, Elliot officially entered the 1,000 pound club earlier in 2019 before being set back by a few injuries. 

Elliot is an NASM certified personal trainer and sometimes trains clients in his home gym. 

Even with all of his jobs and hobbies, Elliot is committed to attending every legislative session in Concord, should you choose to elect him!



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